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New classes will be announced in spring 2023. Email us to be the first to know:

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Curriculum that is based in research

Dr. Shinichi Suzuki revolutionized music education. Holding fast to the belief that all children can learn violin, he modeled his way of teaching music on how children learn to speak. In the 1980s, Canadian Suzuki teachers Dorothy and Sharon Jones worked with Dr. Suzuki to design an early childhood music program, combining child development research with Dr. Suzuki’s seven core principles.

Classes designed for how your student learns best

Kids this age learn best through repetition. That’s why we cycle through the same two weekly curriculums. You’ll also receive recordings of the music for home. The more you listen, the more quickly your child will learn.

One-to-one relationship is key

Class is all about you and your little one. That’s why it’s important we have at least a one-to-one ratio of grown-up to child. Grandparents, friends, older siblings and nannies are also welcome, and helpful, if two siblings want to come. (Older siblings should be self-sufficient and able to help their younger sibling participate in class. Families where two adults want to come with their child are also welcome and encouraged.)

7 core principles of Suzuki Early Childhood Education

every child can learn // ability develops early // environment (i.e., the parent) nurtures growth, children learn from one another // success breeds success // parent involvement is critical // encouragement is essential

All of these principles are rooted in the fundamental belief that children delight in learning, and that the parent is their child’s first teacher. Small children are keen observers, watching and listening intently to everything happening around them. Our classes are designed to give you some tools to understand how your child learns and to recognize and celebrate their incremental growth. Class is also a fun, playful time to sing, dance, play and learn together.

Class activities

Our classes are a mix of singing, playing instruments, reciting nursery rhymes, practicing rhythm, dancing and more. The way the instrument portion of class works is that the teacher brings a handful of instruments to class, including a xylophone, glockenspiel, drums, wood block and triangle. The students take turns playing them with the teacher's help. The instruments accompany the rest of the group during activities. For example, we play the xylophone together while everyone else sings "Rain, Rain, Go Away."

Class size

Class size is limited to 8 students to ensure students have the best experience.

Class age range

Class is for babies 6-weeks-old to toddlers 4 years-old. Having a multi-age class creates a dynamic learning environment, where students of different ages learn from one another.

Don't see a time that works for you?

Please email me with suggestions for times class times. While I cannot make any guarantees, I will take these suggestions into account when planning new classes.

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